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If You Want To 1) Write Your Book or 2) Generate Leads Using Facebook... I Will Personally Work With You To Make That Happen.
If You Want To...
1 - Write A Book
There's a reason the word Authority has the Author in it.  Writing a book is one of the best ways to become THE recognized experts in your field. I will personally work with you to come up with a tight outline.  Then we will write your book, in your voice, for you.  Professional editing and cover design included.
2 - Facebook Lead Generation
Facebook Marketing is more than simply boosting a post.  We have perfect several FB Marketing funnels proven to generate all the leads your company can handle.
Schedule A Call & Let's See If We Would Be A Good Fit.
Client Testimonials...
Dr. Terry
"Billy Sticker is 'the man' when it comes to generating leads online.  I have been in practice for several years and I have never had this many qualified internet leads... Close to 200 Facebook leads in the first 8 weeks!"
Dr. Jamie
"I have used marketing consultants for the last 15 years in practice.  I can attest that Billy is the cream of the crop!  I highly recommend Billy to any doctor looking for a marketing campaign that works!"
Dr. Aaron
"I had wanted to write a book, but I didn't know where to start... And frankly I didn't have the time.  Billy helped me with my book.  I've used it to land an interview on the local morning news.  After that interview, my office received 107 calls for new patient appointments!  I highly recommend Billy!"
Dr. Mays
"We reached out to Billy to help us with our book.  He is incredibly professional.  And when it comes to books, he knows iis stuff.  He worked with us to come up with a detailed outline for the book.  Then he and his team went to work doing their magic.  I was so pleased with the first book, we just hired him to do a second.  If you want to write a book without having to write it, Billy is your guy!"
Dr. Tabor
"I used Billy's coaching to write my books.  I now have two books that I use to generate new patients, educate patients and position me as the authority in my community... seeing over 300 patient visits a week.  I highly recommend Billy!"
Dr. Roosevelt
"I used Billy to write my first book.  It was great.  Now he is working on my second book.  I even hired him to do all of our Facebook lead generation.  I definitely recommend Billy."
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